Torque Vs. Horsepower

What’s the difference between Torque and Horsepower? Which one should I be focusing on regarding the acceleration of my car?  These are all frequently asked questions regarding sports cars, especially among first time buyers.  While both horsepower and torque are important in your vehicle, what they measure and what they do are different.  Let’s start with horsepower.  Horsepower is the total output of your car’s engine and in the weight aspect is the best measurement of your car’s top speed.  Torque on the other hand is the measurement in your car’s turning ability and how fast it can accelerate.  

For those of you shopping for a car that can accelerate fast you need to be looking at the amount of torque the car has.  Torque is basically the force behind your car’s acceleration.  While having a car with a lot of torque has it’s upside, it can also be a dangerous feature if not driven correctly.  When there is limited traction on a road, think ice, dirt or gravel, having a higher torque in your car can cause it to spin out and have a more complicated time setting in motion from a stand still.  It can also cause you to lose control more easily on a road with less traction.  

Horsepower on the other pretty much measures the amount of weight compared to the fastest acceleration speed.  If you want a car to move from idling to motion fast the power of the engine needs to be able to pull the weight of the car.  The faster it can pull the weight the faster you accelerate.  Having a engine with a lot of horsepower gives you a very strong car.  Unlike torque when roads have less traction having a lot of horsepower will not cause you to spin out so easily.

   In the end both the measurement of torque and horsepower factor into buying a new car.  As I have suggested before it is always good to do your research into things before you purchase them.  From engines, to tires, and all things in between.  Sports cars are no joke when it comes to speed, educating yourself on the effects of these powerful machines will make for a much more safe and enjoyable drive!

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Top 3 Factors

Most of us fantasize about the day we can own a gorgeous machine with a powerful engine, ready to hit the open road.  To own a sports car or a luxury sports car at that is a dream come true to many.  I know it was for me that day I went and finally picked my first car out!  However in the excitement of purchasing your dream on wheels a few important factors can be overlooked.   It is important to research the car you are looking to buy and to get familiar with performance, safety, reliability, as well as exterior and interior styles. That being said,  I have gathered what I believe to be the 3 most important factors when looking to buy your new sports car.


1.Performance- Performance is perhaps one of the most important things to take into consideration.  You want to look at engine capacity, torque, horsepower, acceleration, fuel efficiency, real-world handling, and the braking system.  We know that power and speed are  two of the most enticing factors when it comes to sports cars, so it is in your best interest to decide whether you feel more comfortable with a manual or automatic transmission as well.  While some think that horsepower is the meat and potatoes of speed for your car that is not always the case.  Often a car that is better designed but with lower horsepower can beat out a car of a higher horsepower capacity.  It basically goes to show you get what you pay for.  Doing your engine research is by car the most important thing out of all.  Be prepared!


2.Reliability/Maintenance- Maintenance is the annoying little issue that can lead to spending the big bucks on repairs and parts.  Maintenance and reliability kind of go hand and hand with performance.  Is the car you are looking at easy to maintain?  While most sports cars are made by quality experts some models are just better than others.  Again do your research, what parts are liking to be replaced?  Does the type of car you are looking at have any known flaws, are parts and repair costs high for the quality high end parts you may require?  Factoring in costs like these to the overall price of your new car is important.  Be aware of the little things when looking at the big picture.


3.Safety-  In the car world safety comes in two parts, active and passive. It is important that your car especially with the speeds it is capable of reaching have both parts.  Active safety is what helps prevent a collision.  Electronic stability systems, anti-lock brakes, traction-control all fall into this category.  Passive refers to the safety measure that protects passengers after a collision.Seat Belts, head restraints, airbags, and adjustable seats fall under this safety category.  


There are of course many factors to filter in when buying an expensive and fast car.  You want over all quality in all areas and especially driving experience.  While the thrill of buying your first sports car can be overpowering, make sure your are doing your research and really taking into accountability the little, big, and medium sized things.  For a safe and happy ride it is best to know all that you can about your new speed demon!

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Wrappin Up A Great Weekend

As you may have read in my last post, vinyl wrapping is an awesome way to completely personalize your car.  I had the pleasure of working with great “wrappers” and am beyond happy with the amazing job, Phantom Wraps did on my car here in Dallas, Texas!  However I got to thinking about it and I thought of how to suggest where to find the best vinyl wrappers in your area.  After all we know that precise detail is highly recommended when doing anything to one of your beloved automobiles.  I started talking to one of the wrapping techs at Phantom Wraps and he told me about an awesome site, where you can find high quality vinyl wrapping shops throughout the United States!  I checked it out for myself and was completely amazed.  I also noticed that Phantom Wraps was one of the high quality Wrap spots listed.  I mentioned this to Glenn the guy who wrapped my car and he just smiled.  He then told me that vinyl Wrapping is the new alternative to paint jobs and other traditional methods.  He told me that you had to stay on top in this industry because attention to detail and a precise job is what is expected and should always be given.  I definitely agreed I told him.  I then called a few buddies of mine that are dispersed through the states and shared this valuable web site with them and gave them a crash course on what it was all about.  We have a big car weekend where we take one of our prized cars and meet at a specified location, usually taking turns in one of our home states.  We then spend a long weekend traveling the highways to other towns and just enjoying driving, guy bonding and the open road.  Each year there is an unspoken contest on who’s car looks the best that year.  Now with all the guys knowing where to take their cars in their area to get a vinyl wrap makeover we are on for a competitive weekend!  Since I’m the first in the group to have had my car done, I know they are all going to try to out do me.. Game on friends….Game on…. may the best wrap win!!

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Vinyl Wraps


Being a avid car lover most of us may agree that while the body style and overall look of the car is by far one of the most important things, so is what is under the hood and the type of performance the car can give.  That being said, what happens when you absolutely love your car and the feel of driving it, the horse power it exudes, an the mere seconds it takes to get from 0 to 60…or 100, but you aren’t so crazy on the paint job anymore, or maybe it just needs some kind of individuality.  That is when you look into vinyl wrapping your car!  After doing a little more research on what it exactly entails I am most definitely sold!  Enter in my 2017 GT350 Shelby I just purchased and am having vinyl wrapped as we speak.   I found an awesome vinyl wrapping company based out of Dallas Texas, www.phantom, and am having them vinyl wrap my Shelby with a matte black body with special graphics added.  My reasoning in wrapping a perfectly brand new paint job is that not only will I be adding my individuality to the car, but I can basically customize it to look anyway I desire.  With the amazing and talented team at Phantom Wrapz, I have helped design and customize my car and am beyond ecstatic to see the finished results.  My wife didn’t quite understand it at first, but the more pictures of cars that I showed her that Phantom Wrapz has done the more she began to see my vision!  My son on the other hand is already planning on how he will vinyl wrap his GT-R he seems to be sure he is buying when he turns 16.  

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Your Unicorn Car

As you may have read in another of my posts Donuts & Cars, My son is becoming quite the car enthusiast himself.  Being that cars are such a passion of mine this truly excites me and has me looking forward to all the shop talk we can share and perhaps even driving together one day.  I can’t get ahead of myself, he’s only 12!  Needless to say I am the first to advocate for my personal unicorn car, the Shelby GT350.  My son on the other hand is practically obsessed with the Nissan GT-R.  Whether it is the “in” car of his generation, or he simply just loves the body style and what he can only imagine is under the hood, he is a true fan. Myself I have never been to much of a fan of Nissans but hey i’m not one to knock others favorites.  So I said to myself why not do a little research on the GT-R and see what all the fuss is about.  If anything I would have some “cool” things to talk to him about and connect with him on a father son level.  We know his mom is anything but a fan of even thinking about our son getting in a legit speed demon and sailing down the road with his friends.  She would rather keep him in a minivan safe from all dangers. We DO NOT own a minivan by the way.  I am all about safety myself for my son , and it’s not like he is going to go spend 100 grand on a new car.  He is only 12.   Knowing my facts and conversing with my son on something that peaks his interest however is something I definitely love.  Besides now I’m curious what all his fuss is over his unicorn.

So I did my research.  I must say that while I still can’t see myself driving this car I do agree that it has some incredible perks.  I of course started with the newest version to come out, the Nissan GT-R 2017. Not that I feel that all new models are better but I wanted to see what Nissan was trying to bring to the table with all it’s competitors out there being tough competition.

The 2017 model comes with two options, The GT-R and the GT-R Nismo.  The regular GT-R starts at $109,990 with the Nismo at $174,990.  The regular GT-R has 565 horsepower, titanium exhaust sound control, a twin turbo V6 engine made in a climate controlled “clean room” out of aluminum and magnesium parts, and greater suspension and power to enhance the driver’s handling as well as create a smoother ride.  The GT-R Nismo has 600 horsepower 3.8 liter engine, and the body of the car is made from carbon fiber with side sills and a rear spoiler.  Needless to say I think Nissan might have their game on lock this time around.  You also have the option to custom build your own car adding whatever features you may want to make it even more incredible.  Nissan is calling this car the super car and I can’t say that I disagree.  

What makes me more proud as a father is that my son really knows what he’s looking for.  In a 12 year old sense of course, but none the less he shares my passion of cars and is beginning to manifest it.  I predict many fun years ahead for the two of us.  His mother may not agree but this son of ours is destined for a car lover’s life!

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Shelby GT350 vs. Corvette Grand Sport

If ever there were two cars to compare, drive, own, or just simply ogle for the mere fact of their beauty, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport would be the two.  In fact  these two cars are so perfect in their own right that choosing between the two is a hard task.  Most car enthusiasts will agree that while they have a passion for all cars and their horsepower most will also agree that while they like many only one really has their heart.  There is that one car that for lack of a better word is your unicorn.  The coveted pedestal worthy has your full backing automobile.  For some it may be the Chevy Camaro ZL1, others might raise their hand to the Dodge Challenger SRT/SRT HellCat, while still others will choose my personal unicorn, the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.  Then we have those that are all about the Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.  Now we know picking cars is about performance standards, what’s under the hood, and basically what feels right under your tight grip when you’re sailing down a straight arrow road really testing the speed and what the car is made of.  However if we were all honest we would also admit that some of us are die hard loyal patrons of a certain automobile company.  “I only drive Fords”, or “no Fords suck and I believe that Chevrolets are the best”.  You get my drift, it’s all about personal preference.  Until today! Never have I come across another car that can even sway my attention a hair away from the Ford GT350.  Until today!  I never would have thought it possible, after all Chevy didn’t even make it into the top 10 best cars last year.  The price tag for their Z06 was ridiculous and I wasn’t really interested in any of their cars.  The Corvette of course has and always will be a classic car, but Chevy was lacking the push to rise above and create a fine machine worth putting in the competition.  Until today!  I guess car company’s tend to do their best work under pressure when they know that they need to make a come back, and I do mean a big comeback.  Enter in the Corvette Grand Sport.  It’s as if the regular Corvette power on wheels met the chassis of the Z06.  With a price tag of $66,445 dollars it is more than the original Corvette but still a great degree less than the Z06.  Add to it it’s 6.2 liter unit that combines with 460 horsepower, 66,000 rpm rev limiter and you have SO MUCH POWER.  So much power in fact that it’s almost as if you need to take a deep breath before that push of torque is unleashed.  How do I know this?  I drove a friend of mine’s (he is that die hard Chevy guy) and I was nothing short of amazed.  I literally took that deep breath before the shove of torque pushed me at incredible speeds down the race way.  I may always be a Shelby GT350 fan, I am a loyal fan and I do not jump on bandwagons, but The Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport is definitely the new competition to my prized GT350.


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The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350…a fine specimen of a mechanical machine.  A car with a beautiful body style, an incredible engine, and enough fans to blow away a lot of other luxury cars.  What is it exactly about this car that really draws most people in?  What are the specs on a car like this?  And the big question I’m sure a lot of you want to know is, what is the price and what am I paying most of it for?  

For starters the 2017 version of this amazing muscle car packs with it a punch so big even the top dogs are rating both the GT350 and GT350R as two of the ten best winners this year.  With it’s 5.2 liter V8 engine it packs an insane hustle down the straight arrow roads.  However something that was only developed recently and reflected in this new model is that the Mustang can finally handle corners.  For true speed freaks this is a dream come true!  Along with 526 horsepower, a 429 pound torque and 4.3 second from 0 to 60 mph speed range car enthusiasts all around are, well, FREAKING OUT!!!  For those daredevils that need even a little more speed the GT350r takes an added 0.4 seconds off the 0-60mph time!  With a price tag of close to 56,000 dollars this car definitely holds it’s value.  With 2 doors, seating 4 passengers, and rear wheel drive it is a speed demons dream.  The one down fall is if you can’t drive a manual transmission than you can’t drive this car!

One question we might all be asking is where did this car come from?  It was designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang GT350.  What makes it even more special is that Ford also came out with 8 new vivid colors for this envy worthy muscle car.  

  • Competition Orange
  • Race Red
  • Impact Blue
  • Magnetic
  • Triple Yellow
  • Avalanche Grey
  • Oxford White
  • Shadow Black

With colors like this there is sure to be one out there for everyone’s taste.  If you can drive a car with this much speed and versatility is another question.  For those experienced drivers the new Ford Mustang GT350 is definitely something worth test driving and taking a look at!  If you aren’t ready for the new and improved 2017 the 2016 has enough similarities and features making it a comparable and coveted muscle car as well.  Vroom Vroom….lets race!!!!!

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Donuts & Cars


It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. - Dale Earnhardt


If you are visiting this site it is most likely because you are a car enthusiast like myself.  You appreciate everything from the body style to what is under the hood.  If you are anything like myself you are an avid car collector and like talking shop about cars, engines, mechanics, extras etc.   Sill perhaps maybe you are just finding your love of cars and are exploring the wonderful world of them.  Whoever you might be or what your passion involving automobiles is, I think most will appreciate the sheer happiness and love of this story involving my son.

It is not a secret in my household I love cars, automobiles, the whole package they bring with them.  My son Thomas who is now 12 has recently been showing an interest in different cars and what they have to offer.  When I say different I mean in all types and kinds.  Lamborghini to a Prius versatility!  As we were driving to get donuts this past weekend he picked up a car magazine I had in my car and started browsing through it.  He began to exclaim things like, Awesome, Wow, Holy cow! That’s a Nissan GTR!, etc.  He then began quizzing me, still never even looking up from this magazine.  “Dad have you ever seen a Lamborghini Huracan in real life?” I replied back with yes, they are pretty awesome cars.  He was in awe and told me his friends and him had seen one at the mall the other day.  He then continued to ask about a Mustang Shelby GT350, and Audi R8, BMW i8, and the list goes on and on.  My 12 year old son began talking “shop” with me and he was excited.  He told me that he liked seeing nice cars in “real life”, that when he turned 16 he wanted to get a Nissan GTR.  Holding back a laugh I replied how much do you think those cost? He began looking back in the car magazine and started quoting prices!  Again he was in awe saying “dad these cars are like over 100 grand”! What a perfect opportunity for me to get in a little dad talk on school and the importance of his grades.  I replied with,” My friend Brian has a GTR, I’m sure he would let you take a ride in it and sit in the driver’s seat”.  I then proceeded to tell him that Brian was an engineer and worked for a computer software company.  He had a good job that paid him well because he went to college and that was how he was able to buy such a expensive and awesome car.  (twelve year old words).  Thomas looked at me and agreed that it would be so cool to check out Brian’s car and that he too wanted to get into software.  He said Dad when I graduate I’ll work for Google or Intel.  Then I can buy a GTR, or even maybe the Huracan!  

At that moment I felt most proud.  My son had the same passion for cars as I did.  An interest we could share and build upon.  I got a good coaching/pep talk in about the importance of school and good grades helping you succeed, and I saw enthusiasm from him to do so.  

That ride to the donut shop last weekend coupled with that convo with my son left me in good spirits throughout the week.  Just a little story I thought I would share for everyone to hear. You are never too young to appreciate and love a well crafted, mechanically sound piece of perfection that comes in the form of a nice car!

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