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It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself. - Dale Earnhardt


If you are visiting this site it is most likely because you are a car enthusiast like myself.  You appreciate everything from the body style to what is under the hood.  If you are anything like myself you are an avid car collector and like talking shop about cars, engines, mechanics, extras etc.   Sill perhaps maybe you are just finding your love of cars and are exploring the wonderful world of them.  Whoever you might be or what your passion involving automobiles is, I think most will appreciate the sheer happiness and love of this story involving my son.

It is not a secret in my household I love cars, automobiles, the whole package they bring with them.  My son Thomas who is now 12 has recently been showing an interest in different cars and what they have to offer.  When I say different I mean in all types and kinds.  Lamborghini to a Prius versatility!  As we were driving to get donuts this past weekend he picked up a car magazine I had in my car and started browsing through it.  He began to exclaim things like, Awesome, Wow, Holy cow! That’s a Nissan GTR!, etc.  He then began quizzing me, still never even looking up from this magazine.  “Dad have you ever seen a Lamborghini Huracan in real life?” I replied back with yes, they are pretty awesome cars.  He was in awe and told me his friends and him had seen one at the mall the other day.  He then continued to ask about a Mustang Shelby GT350, and Audi R8, BMW i8, and the list goes on and on.  My 12 year old son began talking “shop” with me and he was excited.  He told me that he liked seeing nice cars in “real life”, that when he turned 16 he wanted to get a Nissan GTR.  Holding back a laugh I replied how much do you think those cost? He began looking back in the car magazine and started quoting prices!  Again he was in awe saying “dad these cars are like over 100 grand”! What a perfect opportunity for me to get in a little dad talk on school and the importance of his grades.  I replied with,” My friend Brian has a GTR, I’m sure he would let you take a ride in it and sit in the driver’s seat”.  I then proceeded to tell him that Brian was an engineer and worked for a computer software company.  He had a good job that paid him well because he went to college and that was how he was able to buy such a expensive and awesome car.  (twelve year old words).  Thomas looked at me and agreed that it would be so cool to check out Brian’s car and that he too wanted to get into software.  He said Dad when I graduate I’ll work for Google or Intel.  Then I can buy a GTR, or even maybe the Huracan!  

At that moment I felt most proud.  My son had the same passion for cars as I did.  An interest we could share and build upon.  I got a good coaching/pep talk in about the importance of school and good grades helping you succeed, and I saw enthusiasm from him to do so.  

That ride to the donut shop last weekend coupled with that convo with my son left me in good spirits throughout the week.  Just a little story I thought I would share for everyone to hear. You are never too young to appreciate and love a well crafted, mechanically sound piece of perfection that comes in the form of a nice car!

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