Your Unicorn Car

As you may have read in another of my posts Donuts & Cars, My son is becoming quite the car enthusiast himself.  Being that cars are such a passion of mine this truly excites me and has me looking forward to all the shop talk we can share and perhaps even driving together one day.  I can’t get ahead of myself, he’s only 12!  Needless to say I am the first to advocate for my personal unicorn car, the Shelby GT350.  My son on the other hand is practically obsessed with the Nissan GT-R.  Whether it is the “in” car of his generation, or he simply just loves the body style and what he can only imagine is under the hood, he is a true fan. Myself I have never been to much of a fan of Nissans but hey i’m not one to knock others favorites.  So I said to myself why not do a little research on the GT-R and see what all the fuss is about.  If anything I would have some “cool” things to talk to him about and connect with him on a father son level.  We know his mom is anything but a fan of even thinking about our son getting in a legit speed demon and sailing down the road with his friends.  She would rather keep him in a minivan safe from all dangers. We DO NOT own a minivan by the way.  I am all about safety myself for my son , and it’s not like he is going to go spend 100 grand on a new car.  He is only 12.   Knowing my facts and conversing with my son on something that peaks his interest however is something I definitely love.  Besides now I’m curious what all his fuss is over his unicorn.

So I did my research.  I must say that while I still can’t see myself driving this car I do agree that it has some incredible perks.  I of course started with the newest version to come out, the Nissan GT-R 2017. Not that I feel that all new models are better but I wanted to see what Nissan was trying to bring to the table with all it’s competitors out there being tough competition.

The 2017 model comes with two options, The GT-R and the GT-R Nismo.  The regular GT-R starts at $109,990 with the Nismo at $174,990.  The regular GT-R has 565 horsepower, titanium exhaust sound control, a twin turbo V6 engine made in a climate controlled “clean room” out of aluminum and magnesium parts, and greater suspension and power to enhance the driver’s handling as well as create a smoother ride.  The GT-R Nismo has 600 horsepower 3.8 liter engine, and the body of the car is made from carbon fiber with side sills and a rear spoiler.  Needless to say I think Nissan might have their game on lock this time around.  You also have the option to custom build your own car adding whatever features you may want to make it even more incredible.  Nissan is calling this car the super car and I can’t say that I disagree.  

What makes me more proud as a father is that my son really knows what he’s looking for.  In a 12 year old sense of course, but none the less he shares my passion of cars and is beginning to manifest it.  I predict many fun years ahead for the two of us.  His mother may not agree but this son of ours is destined for a car lover’s life!

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