Vinyl Wraps


Being a avid car lover most of us may agree that while the body style and overall look of the car is by far one of the most important things, so is what is under the hood and the type of performance the car can give.  That being said, what happens when you absolutely love your car and the feel of driving it, the horse power it exudes, an the mere seconds it takes to get from 0 to 60…or 100, but you aren’t so crazy on the paint job anymore, or maybe it just needs some kind of individuality.  That is when you look into vinyl wrapping your car!  After doing a little more research on what it exactly entails I am most definitely sold!  Enter in my 2017 GT350 Shelby I just purchased and am having vinyl wrapped as we speak.   I found an awesome vinyl wrapping company based out of Dallas Texas, www.phantom, and am having them vinyl wrap my Shelby with a matte black body with special graphics added.  My reasoning in wrapping a perfectly brand new paint job is that not only will I be adding my individuality to the car, but I can basically customize it to look anyway I desire.  With the amazing and talented team at Phantom Wrapz, I have helped design and customize my car and am beyond ecstatic to see the finished results.  My wife didn’t quite understand it at first, but the more pictures of cars that I showed her that Phantom Wrapz has done the more she began to see my vision!  My son on the other hand is already planning on how he will vinyl wrap his GT-R he seems to be sure he is buying when he turns 16.  

On another exciting note because of the quick process my car will be ready in no time and I will be able to attend the upcoming car show with my new work of art.  I can only imagine the envy that other car owners will have once they see my new beauty.  I’m even hoping to get Mike from Phantom wrapz to make an appearance at the car show.  In doing so I think he will be able to generate a lot of business, as car lovers alike will definitely be interested in finally customizing their cars into exactly the vision they see.  The awesome thing about this tactic is that if I can generate 3 people to get their cars vinyl wrapped I will get my car done for a special deal. How sweet is that!  My brother in law who owns a quite successful garage door company has already received a quote and is getting ready to have his fleet of work trucks wrapped as well.  That counts for my 3 referrals right!?  That’s the thing about vinyl wrapping is that is not just limited to personal cars, but commercial fleets!

With the ever growing technology and designs of cars that are being brought to fruition, vinyl wrapping is the new way to go on changing up the physical apearnce of your car.  With alot more options as far as color, style etc, why wouldnt you opt for a vinly wrap instead of n ordinary paint job!  

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