Wrappin Up A Great Weekend

As you may have read in my last post, vinyl wrapping is an awesome way to completely personalize your car.  I had the pleasure of working with great “wrappers” and am beyond happy with the amazing job, Phantom Wraps did on my car here in Dallas, Texas!  However I got to thinking about it and I thought of how to suggest where to find the best vinyl wrappers in your area.  After all we know that precise detail is highly recommended when doing anything to one of your beloved automobiles.  I started talking to one of the wrapping techs at Phantom Wraps and he told me about an awesome site  we-wrap.com, where you can find high quality vinyl wrapping shops throughout the United States!  I checked it out for myself and was completely amazed.  I also noticed that Phantom Wraps was one of the high quality Wrap spots listed.  I mentioned this to Glenn the guy who wrapped my car and he just smiled.  He then told me that vinyl Wrapping is the new alternative to paint jobs and other traditional methods.  He told me that you had to stay on top in this industry because attention to detail and a precise job is what is expected and should always be given.  I definitely agreed I told him.  I then called a few buddies of mine that are dispersed through the states and shared this valuable web site with them and gave them a crash course on what it was all about.  We have a big car weekend where we take one of our prized cars and meet at a specified location, usually taking turns in one of our home states.  We then spend a long weekend traveling the highways to other towns and just enjoying driving, guy bonding and the open road.  Each year there is an unspoken contest on who’s car looks the best that year.  Now with all the guys knowing where to take their cars in their area to get a vinyl wrap makeover we are on for a competitive weekend!  Since I’m the first in the group to have had my car done, I know they are all going to try to out do me.. Game on friends….Game on…. may the best wrap win!!

Having been the one to share the we-wrap website, I decided to up the game this year and make a contest out of it.  The guys participating all will have their cars vinyl wrapped to it’s fullest potential.  Detail, choice of colors, did I say detail?, and any other characteristic that sets said car apart from the others wins free gas for the whole trip.  Meaning the losers will foot the bill!  Being the competitive bunch we are everyone took to the wager without hesitation.  While I can’t physically take you readers with me on this awesome car filled weekend I do promise to post pictures of all the amazing cars together and the work they proudly promote.  I will also make sure to post the winning cars picture and hopefully some video footage of the way these pieces of beautiful metal handle the open road! Cheers to vinyl wrapping and car trips!

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