Top 3 Factors

Most of us fantasize about the day we can own a gorgeous machine with a powerful engine, ready to hit the open road.  To own a sports car or a luxury sports car at that is a dream come true to many.  I know it was for me that day I went and finally picked my first car out!  However in the excitement of purchasing your dream on wheels a few important factors can be overlooked.   It is important to research the car you are looking to buy and to get familiar with performance, safety, reliability, as well as exterior and interior styles. That being said,  I have gathered what I believe to be the 3 most important factors when looking to buy your new sports car.


1.Performance- Performance is perhaps one of the most important things to take into consideration.  You want to look at engine capacity, torque, horsepower, acceleration, fuel efficiency, real-world handling, and the braking system.  We know that power and speed are  two of the most enticing factors when it comes to sports cars, so it is in your best interest to decide whether you feel more comfortable with a manual or automatic transmission as well.  While some think that horsepower is the meat and potatoes of speed for your car that is not always the case.  Often a car that is better designed but with lower horsepower can beat out a car of a higher horsepower capacity.  It basically goes to show you get what you pay for.  Doing your engine research is by car the most important thing out of all.  Be prepared!


2.Reliability/Maintenance- Maintenance is the annoying little issue that can lead to spending the big bucks on repairs and parts.  Maintenance and reliability kind of go hand and hand with performance.  Is the car you are looking at easy to maintain?  While most sports cars are made by quality experts some models are just better than others.  Again do your research, what parts are liking to be replaced?  Does the type of car you are looking at have any known flaws, are parts and repair costs high for the quality high end parts you may require?  Factoring in costs like these to the overall price of your new car is important.  Be aware of the little things when looking at the big picture.


3.Safety-  In the car world safety comes in two parts, active and passive. It is important that your car especially with the speeds it is capable of reaching have both parts.  Active safety is what helps prevent a collision.  Electronic stability systems, anti-lock brakes, traction-control all fall into this category.  Passive refers to the safety measure that protects passengers after a collision.Seat Belts, head restraints, airbags, and adjustable seats fall under this safety category.  


There are of course many factors to filter in when buying an expensive and fast car.  You want over all quality in all areas and especially driving experience.  While the thrill of buying your first sports car can be overpowering, make sure your are doing your research and really taking into accountability the little, big, and medium sized things.  For a safe and happy ride it is best to know all that you can about your new speed demon!

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