For car enthusiasts there is nothing like driving a rare automobile, like a 65 shelby, a Lamborghini Aventador, or anything that has less than 1,000 units in production. Not everyone has the luxury of driving an original, and many people don’t even have the pleasure of seeing an original (thankfully we have pictures and videos). And if one owns one of these rare vehicles, it’s not likely it will be their everyday vehicle.

So we like the idea of a clone, a vehicle mocked up to resemble an original. One that looks authentic, but something you are not afraid to put miles on. It’s something that you can enjoy to drive everyday without fretting over the life and value of the car. There is a growing amount of people who are interested in creating clones aside from us and our mockup that we created in the past. From time-to-time we come across other enthusiasts who clone a popular classic (whats new), and we hope to share as many of our findings with you here at



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